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Simply put, cellulite is an inflated fat cell. Behind the protrusion there are deposits of waste and unburned nutrients. Malnutrition, bad habits eg. cigarettes, sedentary lifestyle, lots of sedentary work, stress, hormones, etc. are playing major role in it’s development. Now, let’s take a closer look at the main causes of cellulite, in details:  


  1. Genetic predisposition

You really can’t inherit it, just the predisposition, which is enough! So if it can be found in your family, say your mom, your grandmother; you have a good chance it won’t miss you either. That’s why prevention is important, which is prevention!  


  1. Meal

Plenty of consumed refined foods and the preservatives they contain, such as E letters, additives, flavor enhancers like glutamate sodium, sugars and all it’s pseudonyms, if it gets into the body in large quanticties, then it can get over saturated. Although some of the sugars are broken down by the liver, after a while you will be unable to do this role, and if you do not detoxify, do not drink enough fluids or relieve your body, you will develop a response reaction.  Because the body has to put these substances somewhere, then there’s no other way out, it wraps them in fat cells and stores them.  

  1. Hormonal disorders

Here the exception is pregnancy, because during this period the change of hormone levels is completely normal, and so is edema and cellulite. On the other hand, after giving birth it slowly returns to normal. However, diabetes or type 2 diabetes, thyroid problems also affects cellulite and also prevent your weight loss. It’s worth to do a lab!  


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In the next article you can read more about cellulite practices.

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