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Is that it? Did the whole thing collapse as soon as it headed off? Or maybe not?

I had a great plan for 2020: I wanted to purchase and install 22 new BeneVision TM80 devices in order to help Hungarian infants that have undergone heart surgery.

As to the sum, it would have meant 20 million HUF.

As I was on my way to present this plan of mine at National Gottsegen György Hospital’s Foundation, I was nervous.

I was nervous in a good way, for I had a vision of helping plenty of infants and their parents.

Every year at this institute, 800 children undergo lifesaving heart surgery. 23 years ago, I was one of them.

I know what it feels like as a child, and I have witnessed what it is for a parent.


The campaign headed off, and at the same time, COVID-19 started spreading at a similar speed.


As a consquence, the focus is now on Coronavirus and on the economical crisis that goes with it.

The World’s attention turned towards all this.



Millions of people’s subsistance is at stake; each one hoping in a miracle, in a governement decision or anything like that.

Certainly nothing will be the same anymore. But what we do with this whole situation is in our hands.

All means are in our hands. It’s not the closing of borders or the curfew that will solve this pandemic. It’s us. Namely, with our own deeds and decisions.


So I decided to temporarily stop the campaign #heartaffair.

Do I take this as a failure?

I beleive, this is not where failure starts.


It would have been a failure towards myself if I hadn’t even tried.

It is a failure if someone is able to help but doesn’t even think about it because of the lack of inner incentive.

At the same time, I’m not giving up, for I know that even though the world’s attention is on other things, the number of children with heart conditions will not decrease.





Bye: Gyöngyi





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