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CBD therapy may have several good effects. You can take it in the following ways:


  • drops
  • pills or capsules
  • vaporizing
  • cremes and balsams

Even though vaporizing CBD into your lungs has a super rapid effect (takes 1-2 minutes) you can only enjoy it for a few hours. But this method can be excellent for treating acute symptoms such as nausea, breakdown, pain that you want to get rid of quickly, such as toothache and so on.

However, CBD drops under your tongue absorb quickly through your mucous membrane and after getting into your stomach it has a clearly longer effect.

Pro tip: this effect can be extended even further by a nice and fatty meal.

It applies to cremes and balsams as well that they absorb and excrete more slowly.


As for me, I am more pro-drops, but I admit that in some special cases, such as for elderly people, administering drops can be a full ordeal, or even impossible.

Well, there is nothing to worry about even in such cases, since we have our 25 mg softgels backed up by an extra 4 herbs.

Gyöngyi Puskás

Gyöngyi Puskás

MDC Promoter / Blogger


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