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How do you make lightning fast changes to my cellulite areas? As a beautician, I will give you some tips that have been tested and they work! Obviously, this is a kind of guideline to the cream and you take whichever advice you’d like!  However, our goal is one and the same – which is for you to be satisfied with yourself! Let’s see…


  1. Reform your eating habits

Avoid foods that contain white flour, sugar, dairy products or foods with preservative, canned, semi-finished or instant trans fats. Try to make meals from fresh ingredients  and if possible, consume as much vegetables as possible with heat treatment or minimal heat treatment. Consumption of fruits is recommended which means that it is gradually available and preferably in the early time of the day. Portion ahead and eat every 3-4 hours to avoid blood glucose fluctuations and seizures. Every meal should contain enough protein, good fats and complex carbohydrates!


  1. Exercise regularly, preferably with weight training combined with cardio training.


  1. Increase blood circulation

Because in critical areas, blood supply is inadequate. Exercise more to these areas and use blood circulation stimulant, such as capsaicin, caffeine, horse chestnut, amber extract and cinnamon.   Tip: Do a coffee scrub once a week. Grab the zacc and mix it with honey, sea salt and cinnamon to give a dense but blendable emulsion. Rub your body with it, especially the critical parts, and then apply a firming cream.


  • Alternating showers

This method is one of my personal favorites. In addition to train blood vessels, capillaries also elasticize the skin. Begin with warm then cold water and alternately.  However, it should always end with cold water.  People with Hypertension – Be careful!


  • Loofah sponge

Grab a natural, preferably SLS-free soap, then circularly move it through the critical parts with the help of the cucumber sponge. You will also get rid of dead epithelial cells – moreover,  your skin will be beautiful too!


  • Sauna

Sauna also helps in the selection of toxins and if there is a diving pool, we can train our skin as well. If you have the opportunity, 2-3 saunas a week can do wonders.


  1. Detoxify

Alcohol and coffee stimulate the development of cellulite,  so try to restrain them. Try green tea instead of coffee, or if your stomach can’t handle the tannins, white tea can come instead. Fluid intake should be at least 2,5-3 liters, which should be primarily non-carbonated mineral water, purified water or herbal tea. From herbal teas, andelion, walnut leaf and horsetail are great choices.  


  1. Use slimming sweat pants

With cardio workouts, you can call on using slimming sweat pants. It’s extremely effective when applied under MIRACLE anticellulite cream.    





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